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Additional Links and Program Information

AA Sites

http://www.aa.org/ - This will connect you to the page maintained by AA's GSO.

http://www.aagrapevine.org - This page is put together by AA's monthly magazine, the Grapevine.

http://www.aadallas.org/ - This site has information on AA meetings and groups in the Dallas area, as well as links to other sites.

http://www.aa-intergroup.org/ - Contains information regarding online AA meetings.

Al-Anon Sites

http://www.al-anon-alateen.org/ - This will connect you to the Al-Anon Alateen home page.

http://ola-is.org/ - This page contains information about online Al-Anon groups, both chat and email.

http://www.dallasal-anon.org/ - This site is operated by Dallas Al-Anon Information Services and details local group meeting times, places, and offers information on how to reach them.

http://www.texas-al-anon.org/ - This site represents both East and West Texas Areas.

Other Conferences

http://cbconference.org - This site gives information on the Crested Butte Mountain Conference held in July in Crested Butte, Colorado.

http://www.brazosconference.org/ - This site gives information on the Brazos Riverside Conference held in October at Camp Allen, Texas.

http://edgewoodconference.org/ - This site has information on the Edge of the Woods Conference held in Edgewood, Texas in early September.

http://www.texaswomantowoman.org/ -This site gives information on the Texas Woman to Woman Conference held annually since 1976 in April at Lake Brownwood, Texas.

http://southernmarylandroundup.org/ - This site gives information on a Woodstock in AA conference held in Southern Maryland in March.

http://familiesinrecoveryconference.org/ - This site gives information about a conference for couples already in recovery seeking a more intimate relationship.

http://aawoodstock.com/ - This site gives information on a Woodstock in AA conference held at Lake Lanier Islands in Buford, Georgia

Unofficial Sites

http://www.leestapesandcds.com/ - This site represents a taper who tapes a number of AA and Al-Anon conferences. Tapes and CDs can be ordered through this site.

http://alcoholism.about.com/health/alcoholism/mpchat.htm - This page also contains advertising, but has links to online chat meetings and other information.